Monday, January 11, 2010

The problem with Blogging is that I am convinced that I am boring everyone who might be reading my posts.

I feel like I ramble on about silly issues endlessly... "What's wrong with this chic? Get a life girlfriend!"

And it's all about my kids. I hate going to dinners or parties and everything is about the kids. It used to be who was reading, who was potty trained, who did something cute and adorable. Now it is about who is doing drugs, who is drinking, who is having sex. And of course the worst subject of all--where does your kid want to go to college.

All the type A Moms (who I envy) are beginning to think about summer plans already. When summer comes, Junior Year is over and the kids will have one year left at home. And most people around here know what they are doing this summer or more specifically what their kids will be doing.

I have only began to dream about a summer vacation. How I long to go with the family to Greece or Southern France. Not sure how we are going to afford it but I'm working on that. I will figure summer out when summer comes. I'm always late on these things. But, oh well.

For now I am focused on a new makeover for myself. I am sick of looking at my fifty plus self. I need a new hairdo! And some new makeup. I'm excited to do something wildly out of character. It's time. I gotta get the groove back. Mama's gotta get her groove back!

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  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! Time to get our groove back! New decade, new mama! (not that our boys will even notice...)
    Good luck and be sure to post pictures of your process along the way. :)

    Judy in new york