Thursday, January 21, 2010

What Happened to the Tears?

It was all so surreal. I wasn't sad at all. This came as such a shock to me. I mean I couldn't believe I was attending "mandatory" college night at Kyle's high school. And I wasn't the least bit sad. Hours earlier I had driven Will to the same school for his high school admission's interview. The message was clear, my kids were growing up! But I wasn't the least bit distraught.

I don't really know why. Perhaps the realization of countless college visits, registration deadlines for all sorts of ridiculous standardized testing, endless applications, and just an overall sea of deadlines and forms was so foreboding that the sadness was replaced by trepidation. Last night I couldn't sleep and I think it was partly because my mood surprised me.

I sat on Kyle's bed and helped him fill out a questionnaire about the kind of school he is looking for. When it came to geographical location and one of the electronic boxes optioned 'an hour away,' secretly I was hoping he would press this one. But, of course he selected, 'doesn't matter.' The strangest thing is that I think he put down the right answer. At this point in the process he has to keep his options opened. I just hope when the time comes, his 'RIGHT' school will be only an hour away.

Now, I must comment on young Master Will's interview yesterday. He surprised me by being a bit nervous. But when he left the interview with the head of admissions, my young son felt he had made a new friend. I love that about Will. He connected with this man and was delighted that he had the opportunity to meet him. I am so proud of him. I am especially proud because when the admission director asked him what he liked to do in his spare time, Will answered honestly. "I love to play video games!"

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