Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Fortune Cookie Debate

Last night I opened a fortune cookie. It was New Year's Day so it seemed fitting. I usually don't even read my fortune; however, yesterday I did.

This fortune read. "You're friends will be there when you need them." I nice sentiment that scared the pants off me. Why will I need then? Is someone going to get sick? I panicked. I am so good at panicking.

I wasn't satisfied so I grabbed another fortune. This one had to be better! It had to negate the fears that now lurked in my neurotic mind.

I quickly ate the fortune cookie and read the inscription on the small white paper. "Welcome change when it comes."

Have the fortune cookie makers been reading my BLOG?

I have saved a fortune or two in my life when I have liked their sentiment.

I am not sure what to do with these. I am delighted to know friends will be there but I don't want to have to need them. I will try and welcome change. But if things are good now, why do I need to welcome something different.

Things are changing. This is evident. Perhaps there is some wisdom in these stupid fortune cookies after all. Welcome change. Welcome change. Welcome change.

I'll work on it!

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