Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Mama's got her groove back.

Mama's strutting her fifty-two year old stuff.

Mama's is feeling good today.

Mama gets a text from her 16-year-old,

"I got a B- in Pre-Calc. I hate my life. Sign me up for UC Irvine"

Mama wants to scream a B- is great in Pre-Calculous and UC Irvine is a great school. But instead Mama feels bad for her little boy with the big dreams and the older girlfriend.

But, much to my surprise I got over it pretty fast. I went out to dinner with a fellow BLOGGER and had a darn good time.

Mothers of Brothers is a great BLOG. I knew that! But Emily Mendell is great company as well. I am a Mother of Brothers groupie as I am a mother of brothers myself.

I am a Mother of Brothers who is getting her groove back. That is until the next text!

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