Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Friend on Facebook?????

When somebody 'friends' you on facebook are you really that person's friend? It's great to reconnect with old friends and stay in touch with new friends. But what about the person who is just using you as a networking tool?

I have no problem being part of a community where I can help books get read, friends find jobs, support noble causes, and even help friends find love. But where it starts to break down for me is when you think you really are a friend to someone on facebook only to find that you are just one of a thousand people this 'friend' is trying to accumulate.

It makes you feel bad. And it's confusing.

Kids are able to deal with all this so much better than us 'grown-ups.' I have trouble just updating my status. Does anyone really care that I just ate the best BLT? I even have trouble putting this BLOG out there. I feel like I am cramming myself and my work down other people's necks.

The psychology of facebook is fascinating to me. I love to follow those who are tireless self promoters. I applaud them. I envy the person who posts anything and immediately they get 20 responses and 44 thumbs up. They are the same people in high school that became student body president. They were not necessarily the most popular kid in school just one that isn't afraid of an audience.

My father would have been a facebook addict. He would have loved the attention, figured a way to use the platform for his purposes, been entertaining, and ultimately sold movie tickets.

I'm a coward. When I put something on facebook, I stare at it for a long time. Then I delete it. Then I put it back up.

What does that say about me? I have always been a bit terrified of really putting myself out there. I don't know why this BLOG feels so safe.

I am determined to see how my kids really use facebook. I know they warn me about being a 'stacker.' I don't want to be that. I know that they don't use e-mail, they just facebook their friends. Do they use it to promote anything other than parties?

Maybe I should have a party and invite my facebook friends. How many people do you think would actually show up? When kids do this, the police are usually called because too many kids show up and things quickly get out of control. Somehow I don't think that would be the case with us adults. Come to think of it I haven't been invited to 1 facebook party. Have you?

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  1. Ironic that you can bear your soul on a blog but not want to share what you had for lunch. Our kids have no such problem.