Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I have finished the 60 page treatment of my kid's book. I think a treatment is only supposed to be a couple of pages. Ooops! I am all written out but had to check in with my BLOG for my daily dose of humility.

Kyle picked lunch up for me today because my back was sore and I was so engulfed in my writing. It was nice having him to count on. Make note: One nice thing about your 16-year-old driving, he can get you sustenance when needed.

I have been too busy with my own aches and pains and compulsive writing to worry about application deadlines, grades, teacher conferences, Halloween parties and costumes, H1Ni flu shots, open houses, one acts, communications night, etc., etc., etc.

I don't even have a clue what we will do for dinner tonight and I don't really care.

Tomorrow I better get my big ass in gear and attend to the tasks at hand. Oh joy, back to reality.

Until then...

Menopause Jewelry

My husband, being unhappy with my mood swings, bought me a mood ring the other day so he would be able to monitor my moods.
We've discovered that when I'm in a good mood it turns green.
When I'm in a bad mood, it leaves a big frickin' red mark on his forehead!!!
Maybe next time he'll buy me a diamond. Dumb ass.

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