Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I am scheduled to go to college night at my son's high school this evening. Didn't I just sign him up for pre-school?

He's grown taller and I've grown grayer.
He's gotten smarter, I can't remember why I walked into a room.
He's learned to drive, I've perfected worrying.
He sleeps around the clock, I can't sleep at all.
He plays hard, I hardly play.
He wants to be all grown-up, I want to be ten years younger!

The idea of attending college night is so big to me that it has left me speechless. More tomorrow!


  1. There are so many truths in this post. At first I thought Terry, that we might have been separated at birth. My heart is exactly where yours is. But then, I thought that perhaps Tom and I came from the same mold. Intuitively I agree with everything he said! I am few years behind you but I know I will go through the same thing.

    Will I want me boys to go to Penn where I met my husband and had a tremendous experience 30 minutes away? Or will I have the guts to let them follow their own path? I do believe strongly that very few kids know what they want when they are in high school which makes college selection a total crap shoot. I got lucky. I hope Kyle does too! And you and Tom. :)

  2. Terry, loved having both perspectives. Very helpful as we look at private vs. public high school decision. Tricia L. and I were "angsting" last night at Thep Lela and I suggested she read this blog! Also suggested they may want to talk to you as Ben really likes Urban (and MA). I was trying to accurately pass on Kyle's comments. This week will be busy, Redwood tour, Branson and MA Open Houses (and a Bar Mitvah).