Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Honest and Scrappy Award or "The Invention of Telling the Truth"

My two new best friends Emily and Jennifer from have tagged me in the "honest and scrappy" game. I would do anything they ask of me. Even be honest. Their BLOG is an inspiration to me. Thank you Lindsay! This comes at a particularly interesting time, since last night I saw "The Invention of Lying." I now know the real truth, lying has its advantages...who would have thought. So, although I am tempted to lie, here is the truth.

1. I am terribly embarrassed and try not to admit that I grew up with a 90210 zip code.

2. In the eighth grade, standing by my locker, a boy touched my boobs. I slapped him across the face and he slapped me back. I left feeling humiliated. Now the boy is really rich and still lives in the 90210 zip code.

3. I am the least disciplined person I know. Writing this BLOG is a miracle.

4. I am terrified of doctors. I mean I have a real phobia. I don't think it has a name like agoraphobia or claustrophobia--but it is definitely something big!

5. I had a panic attack at the Century City Mall ten years ago when I was told I had to do a two day press junket with Joel Silver starting the next day. I didn't have time to come back home and was given money by Warner Brothers to buy something to wear. The shops started to spin out of control. I had to sit on a couch, with my head between my legs and let Tom pick out my outfit.

6. Robert Redford came to my house to play tennis when I was in my late teens. My best friend tells me that I stole his underwear out of his car but I swear I have no recollection of this event.

7. I love BigMacs.

8. My school girl crush was on two boys named Scott. They lived at the beach and they were so 'hot!' I always liked the surfer boys and thought of myself as a cross between Gidget and Bette Midler. Weird!

9. I have no idea why I writing this BLOG. I just keep writing. I am deeply afraid that I am boring everyone to death.

10. The best thing to come out of writing this BLOG is reconnecting with old friends. One in particular. I was in the same sorority with her, we worked together, and then ended up living in New York at the same time. (Yes, I was a Delta Gamma at UCLA an extra piece of honesty.) I am so happy she is back in my life!

The 'honest and scrappy' award apparently asks us to tag fellow bloggers who are honest and scrappy too. So, in the spirit of 'tag your it' I must pass the baton over to:

Make sure to check her out.


  1. So glad I connected you with Jennifer and Emily! I thought you would enjoy each others writing styles! I am enjoying reading your blog about parenting two brothers. You are four years ahead of me and I need your guidance!

  2. BFF... (I think that might be from the 90210 zip!)
    I think #10 is the best thing to come out of your blog, too. I truly cannot believe it took so long, but know that the lines of time are already erased. (although not on my face, sadly) Terry, did I mention that your photos are terrific... you may think you are the most undisciplined person you know, but if you're posting everyday... you're disciplined beyond anyone I know. Looking forward to many good reads! Love, Tomi