Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

My kids asked me what I wanted to do for Mother's Day. I couldn't give them an answer. What does a mother want on Mother's Day?

At one time, long ago, I wanted to sleep late.

At one time, long ago, I wanted to watch my children play happily with each other.

At one time, long ago, I wanted to leave the breakfast, lunch and dinner to my husband.

At one time, long ago, I wanted a home-made card and perhaps a gift made out of tissue paper.

But what do I want now?

I want all the mothers I have met in the virtual world and in the real world to know that I'm happy to share this blessed time with them. I want to wish them a Happy Mother's Day. I want to tell them they inspire me in many ways, every day.

And from my children? On Mother's Day? What is it I want?

A long hug. That's what I want. One that says I'm right here next to you. Right here. Right now.
And I'm not going anywhere. Right Now.


  1. Happy Mother's Day! May your hug last all day!

  2. I am still very much in the phase of motherhood where I wish to sleep in on Mother's Day. I wish my husband would take care of all meals, all diaper changes, the soccer games, the grocery store. I am still in the place where I whisper through tears that I'd just like the kids to get along, to stop fighting and biting and screaming.

    But I know it will end. The fighting and the biting. The days of wanting to sleep away the mundane moments. And I know I'll get to a place of simplicity. And joy. For all that I have. For my three sons. For motherhood three times over.

    Happy Mother's Day! Relish those hugs. And we'll see you on Monday for FIVE FOR TEN, BABY! WOoHOO

  3. Right back at you. I wish you a long hug with your children and that you can enjoy the moment. Happy Mother's Day tomorrow and beyond!

  4. I bet your boys will come through with that big old hug. And I'm sending you a virtual fellow-mom Mother's Day hug, too. Thanks for the sweet wishes in this post!

  5. I'm lucky enough that both of my kids prefer to sit on me instead of any chair nearby. This has gotten awkward with my son - he's 5'8 now; he doesn't really fit! But tonight, an early Mother's Day present, there he was, huge and sitting on my lap and hugging me!

  6. Thank you!! I wish you a blessed Mothers Day too! I have been so thrilled to find you as a friend this year. It is a gift I get to enjoy every day...the best kind!


  7. my mother's day present came in the form of an unexpected package: an almost 17 year old girl-we went to the mall,saw a movie, and hung out. How cool is that! My only bittersweet present was the 13 year old boy, now a teen. He is your Will's pal, your third son. I guess I need to wait about four more years to celebrate with him.

  8. Good post!!!


  9. I don't need to be showered with gifts on Mother's Day. I too wanted a nice long hug and got it from the little guy who was kind enough to give it when I asked. And even though he was eating a chocolate balance bar at the time, he stayed there with his head on my shoulder chewing rather loudly and smelling like chocolate. It was delicious! Miss you! I'm making a comeback into the real world and will be back (and in touch soon)