Monday, November 2, 2009

El Dia de los Muertos

I remember a time that was not that long ago, when a friend of mine, with older kids, would tell me about her two high school son's adventures. I remember listening intently, secretly reveling in the thought that years would pass before I would be in "her" situation and that if I parented correctly than I could avoid some of the uncomfortable situations that I had no idea would inevitably arise.

Last night I sat with friends with younger kids who listened to me speak about life with my 16-year-old son. They listened patiently but I could tell that like me, a few years back, they didn't quite believe in the inevitable.

Yes, their kid will learn to drive. Yes, they will take the car and forget to check in with you. Yes, they would miss curfew. Yes, they will go to parties and be exposed to alcohol and drugs. Yes, they may even indulge in a drink or two. Yes, they would do things against your better judgment. Yes, they would shock you with something you were not prepared to do deal with at that particular moment. And let me tell you, this time comes way too quickly.

It is just so odd to be on the other side of this great divide. It is so strange to be the parent going through this wild ride.

I haven't come out the other side so I don't know where all this wild ride will lead. And I think this is the scariest part for a control freak like me. It's just so darn difficult to let them fail! My husband assures me, the kids have to fail in order to grow. I just can't watch. I feel like I am in a horror film, my eyes closed tight, hoping the creepy music will soon come an abrupt stop.

It's a ride I have to take. But you may hear me screaming, down the lonely corridors of parenting hell.

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