Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Day

Valentines day is my mother's birthday. It would have been my Aunt's as well. It was great celebrating Valentine Day with them because then I never had to worry about what I was going to do on Vday or with whom I would be celebrating. I was always with Mom and Auntie.

I know this Vday I will go to the Jewish Home and celebrate with Mom. I will bring her a Princess cake and lots of chocolates. Tom will be with me and this makes him particularly happy. He has no stress on Vday because it is all about my Mom. He doesn't have to scramble for reservations or come up with some creative way to surprise me. He knows I hate Valentine's Day and he also knows I love him.

I love my birthday, Easter and Christmas. I can't wait for Passover. I love to sit at a Seder table and listen to the stories of my ancestors. I just don't like Valentine's Day.

What is the purpose? I know to sell cards and little crap but really? Did I ever like Valentine's Day?

I remember those little heart candies that had words written on them. I liked those. I recall getting cute little 4" by 4" cards from all of my friends. That was kinda fun. But all too soon it turned into "Who got the dozen red roses at the office?" or "Can you believe my boyfriend is taking me to Switzerland for Valentine's Day?"

Come on. Group vomit here!

And then there are all those awful chick flicks that come out right before Valentine's Day. (I must confess the one that open's Friday looks a tad promising)....But come on, can't we do better.

I want to know your best and worst Valentine's Days! What did you do? Who were you with? Does anybody else hate Valentine's day?

I'm just thankful it's Mom's birthday. I always have a great day because of her.


  1. Valentine's Day is my birthday, too! It's kind of a sucky day to have a birthday because most people are caught up doing their own V-Day thing.

  2. My biggest peeve on Valentines Day is the school parties where the kids exchange Valentines cards. No - I am not in a snit because some kids don't receive Valentines. I think the schools figured that one out a LONG time ago. I just wonder when Valentines Day became Halloween?? You can't just give a boxed Valentine anymore!! It has to be attached to a large piece of candy!! I am not anti-candy by any means but once each year is enough. How many red lollipops does one child need. This year I succumbed to buying Fun-Dip!! I am part of the problem. Yeesh. I am going to go eat some chocolate.

    PS - I always spend V Day with my boys. We do dinner -- all four of us and I realize how lucky I am.

  3. Chocolate! There's a reason to love Vday or VDday as i like to call it!

  4. I'll be celebrating this Valentine's Day with two very short, very cute young men (i.e. my toddler and my infant sons). Husband is traveling.

    I don't hate Valentine's Day per se, but I did not care much for a tradition at my high school in which flowers were purchased for and delivered to students during class. Talk about feeling left out when it seemed like everyone in the class had arms full of flowers - except for me. Of course, I liked it more when I was older and more popular, but, still, ick.

  5. I'm not a big fan of Valentine's Day; too much hype, too many expectations. I do love a tradition of my husband's family though. There are very few girls in the family, so my husband's grandfather, years ago, started to send all of his daughters in law Valentines. My father in law continues the tradition-every year I get a Valentine (the little ones-like we used to get in elementary school) from my father in law, along with a little gift.

  6. I'm with you, my friend. I tell my husband every year that the fact he loves me, supports me and accepts me EVERY day of the year means more to me than a dozen roses on Valentines Day. For years we were tight on money too, so any money spent on something as frivolous as flowers just stressed me out more than they touched me. I have to just find the things I do like about the day, the kids school parties, the candies with fun words, the fun red sprinkles on cupcakes, and let the other stuff go. I'm glad I'm not the only one. :)