Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Is is Hot in Here?

I went on facebook just a moment ago and discovered an advertisement on the right hand side of my screen. It was for hot flash cream. I suppose it’s to prevent them not to get them. But I can’t believe they are targeting me. Why couldn’t they be advertising the latest four-inch stilletos? Is that the kind of ads you all get on your facebook page? Should I be insulted?

Yes, I am having night sweats and I’m a bitch more often than not. But really, do I have to have this ad pushed on me on facebook where I'm desperately trying to cling to my youth?

What ads are the men my age getting? Viagra ads I hope! Here’s my bitchiness coming out—it’s just that us women seem to suffer so much with the whole hormone, pregnancy, PMS, change of life crap.

Which gets me thinking about being a woman. One of the wonderful things is carrying a child. But in reality I could have done without the whole pregnancy thing. I would have been fine if hubby had carried our children. He would have done a much better job than me. I loved feeling their little kicks inside of me, but other than that I didn’t love pregnancy. Is that awful of me? I felt barfy half of the time, I couldn’t breathe the other half!

I’ll never forget after my second was born I peed for like an hour. I remember thinking that I must have lost 15 pounds in pee. I was so excited that I ran out shopping. I thought for sure I would easily slip into a size 14 pants. I was in shock when I couldn’t get them over my fat derrière.

But now I look at pregnant women with nostalgia. I don’t know if I still could get pregnant but I envy their glow. I don’t think I glowed. I barfed. I wanted to glow.

And now there’s hot flash cream to look forward to. Oh joy.

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  1. My Facebook page mysteriously has all these targeted ads for "49-year-olds" and what do you know? I'm a 49-year-old. And I guess when my birthday comes in a week and a half that's going to instantly change to 50-year-olds. Urg. This, I guess, is why some people delete the year from their birth on there. Not for vanity, but to thwart FB advertisers.