Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Coffee and Hope!

Kyle directly and conclusively told me in no uncertain terms that I was not allowed to help him with the college application process. He was bound and determined to do it himself.

After I got over the realization that my seventeen-year-old did not need me anymore, I felt a wonderful sense of peace. Getting into college was up my very capable son. I took a deep breath.

I smiled.

And then it started. "Mom, can you look this essay over?" "When is my app due for the U. C.'s?" "What's my I.D. number for Oregon?"

My response, "You're essay kinda sucks." "Are friggin' kidding me? Your application is due tomorrow." And "Don't you think you should know your own I.D. number if you want to do this process on your own?"

And so it goes...and goes..and goes until you become short of breath and begin to pop baby aspirin.

In Kyle's defense, one needs a master's degree to figure out the entire college application process. It is so complicated that I caught my even tempered husband hitting the keyboard once or twice.

Everyone warned me, but I had no idea. Now begins the waiting game. Where will he get in? Will he be happy? How will I cope?

But I had a wonderful distraction this rainy Wednesday morning. I met with a group of moms who all have freshman kids at school with Will. It was delightful.

Nobody talked about college. Heck "our" collective bunch of kids were just freshman. I didn't have the heart to tell them that if they blink, they will suddenly find themselves handing their kids the car keys, and in seconds, they too will be up to their eye balls in college applications.

And then the big..."What Do I Do For The Rest Of My Life"...question begins to loom heavy on the horizon.

So, I have come to you again, with open arms. My wonderful, collective energy force of mommies and daddies across the globe. How I miss you and need you and want to laugh and cry with you again. Are you still out there? Just One Foot? Privilege of Parenthood? Mothers of Brothers? Drama for Mama? Being Rudri? Motherese? Can you hear me? Will you listen?

This post is dedicated to the mommies and daddies I have never met but to whom I have poured my heart out-- to the new mommies I met today as we begin the treacherous journey through the teen-age years with our wide-eyed freshman, and to the mommies I know and love and have grown up with in the town I live and the town I left behind. I couldn't be getting through this with out you.

Thank you for your support, your counsel, your patience. I have this strange feeling that we have only just begun!


  1. Hi Terry! I'm so glad you're back in the blogosphere! I'm on the same ride as you. Waiting to hear back from colleges seems to take forever. But it's well worth the wait and very exciting when the news comes. My eldest just got the news of his appointment to the US Naval Academy. Yeah! My youngest is settling into life as a high school freshman.

  2. I'm glad "web silence" is over! Sydney

  3. Been there twice, Terry. Not easy. It's a delicate dance. They want your help, they don't want your help. They push you away, they hug you tightly. Best of luck to your boychick. He'll get in somewhere, promise.

  4. Terry: So glad you are back in the blogosphere. I am here and listening. I have many years before my daughter enters into college, but I remember going through those applications/essays/demands myself and I know it is a grueling process. Wishing you and your son much luck. And I am so glad to be reading your words again.

  5. Oh my gosh, how long I have waited for you, Terry! And then I missed this post completely! I'm still here, blogging a grand total of once a week, but still alive! And I also have a high school freshman in the house! I'm so happy that if I blink he will be a senior because there's stuff going on that I will find interminable if it doesn't go fast, so I hate to be unsentimental, but, yes, I want a senior. I want to know this high school was the right choice, I want to know that I'll end up with a wonderful kid, I want to know that this curriculum worked out for the best. Right now I don't know that.

  6. Best of luck to your boychick. He'll get in somewhere.

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