Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Crazy Woman with the Tiny Black Patin Leather Bag!

Dear Linda at Bar Mitzvahzilla, one of my all time favorite blogs, passed on the 'What's in Your Bag' challenge.

I have thought a lot about what's in my little, black patin leather bag a long time and wondered what it says about me.

My contents are quite simple--but I'm anything but simple.

1. my ordinary cellphone
2. a worn out pierre dieux satchel with a few credit cards, my driver's license and insurance cards
3. reading glasses, because I'm old
4. one tampon, because I'm old (have I ever told you that before) and I never now when I'm going to get my period because I'm at that old lady stage of life

That's about it. EXCEPT I have lots of crumpled up receipts. So, you see I think I am quite organized in the most disorderly way.

AND THERE IS ONE MORE THING THAT GIVES ME AWAY COMPLETELY. I have very few things in my bag, I know, but this one thing, well, it speaks volumes. I have an old, empty Pepsid bottle that I have filled with the "just in case" meds. For example, I have some pretty normal 'just in case' meds. Just in case my son's leg starts to hurt (he was born with a disease that causes benign bone tumors in his left leg), I have advil. Just in case my stomach gets upset from worrying about my son's leg, Tums and a Pepcid. But then it starts to get interesting. Just in case one of my kids gets stung by a bee and they start to go into anaphylaxis shock (they have never had this reaction but I don't think Will has ever been stung by a bee, so just in case) Benadryl. Just in case I'm having a heart attach, a baby aspirin. Just in case someone else is having a heart attack, a second baby aspirin.

I'm a walking pharmacy. And just in case my back starts to hurt I stuff all this into the lightest little bag possible.

Now what does this say about me. Don't need a degree in psychology to figure this one out!

I would love to know what's in Kathleen's bag from www.kathleenbuckstaff.com, in Judy's purse from justonefoot.blogspot.com, and in Theresa's pocketbook from emptynestersaloneagain@blogspot.com

I would also so love to know your psychological evaluation of me based on the contents of my bag!


  1. Talk about being prepared for anything. You would have been the perfect Scout.

  2. Well, that just makes everything in my purse sound like fluff. You are straight to the point!

  3. I'm a walking pharmacy too. I get migraines so I carry meds for that, and then "just in case" my kids have h/a's or cramps or heartburn. We're all crazy.

  4. Anyone with cool blue glasses is young in spirit! And heartburn meds? I absolutely don't leave home without them.

  5. Terry, So funny! The tampon, because in our age group Who Knows? :)

    I'll stay friends with you anyway, even though I could fit like ten of your purses inside my purse!

  6. Gary calls my bag a "black hole". It's mostly empty. Ah uh, what does that say about me? Starting to worry. Got to give it more thougth. Teresa

  7. Confession time....I carry a big plaid brown bag because it matches everything, can go casual but just barely works for church too. I have a wallet filled with grocery store cards and insurance cards but no credit cards. I rarely use them and dont want to risk having to cancel them if my stuff was stolen.
    Beyond that - a few crumpled up receipts (the important ones get folded and tucked in the wallet). a sharpie for the day I have a book published and someone wants my autograph (!) but more likely just in case I run into someone famous and want their signature on my leg (the Bacon Brothers Band covered my old leg...) A small bottle of assorted pills, like you. A cell phone, my work keys, chap stick, assorted small tools for fixing my leg.
    Then, the bulk of my purse is filled with socks. Not athletic socks. The kind that I put on through the day when my stump shrinks and I need to fill in my leg socket. I only need one or two a day but every time I find one in the house I shove it in my purse, so I never risk being out without one. (it happened once, not fun)
    So I carry this big bulky bag that's filled with socks. How old lady nutty is that? :)

    (you just had a sense that I'd have a nutty bag, didn't you?)


  8. I actually have a little pill-box that I carry around, too. Please don't say it's a sign of my old age?

  9. Hi Terry! I carry every crumpled receipt I get for months before I finally just toss them! Not sure what thats all about. Thank you for visiting today and I'm so glad you found me. Reading your LA post bought back memories of those college campus tours. It was hard for me not knowing what the outcome was going to be. Mom's need to know! Anyway I'll keep checking with you to see how you are doing!

  10. I love this..you are too cute...the little bag because of your back..Funny...!I think this is a great idea for a post...I may want to do it and link back to you...what do you think..?

  11. Found you through LOL and I think I heart you. Ha! I too have a wee little purse stuffed full of "just in case" meds. Cause really you never know! You should see the drugs I pack when I travel. My Hubby makes fun, but isn't he the happy man when I have the cough and cold for dry coughs so he can sleep through the night and is so not available in Mexico!
    Happy to be your newest follower.

  12. I'm with Stacia: your reading glasses rock. I'm in the market for a new pair of distance glasses and I am trying to convince myself to go for a funky statement pain instead of the tortoiseshell ones I've had forever.

    I love this What's In Your Bag meme. It satisfies my nosiness!